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PUB    RFC7357 draft-ietf-trill-esadi-09.txt  [C226]

PUB    RFC7356 draft-ietf-isis-fs-lsp-02.txt  [C226]

PUB    RFC7545 draft-ietf-paws-protocol-20.txt  [C226]

PUB    RFC7525 draft-ietf-uta-tls-bcp-11.txt  [C226]

2015-04-14     draft-ietf-netconf-rfc5539bis-10.txt  [C226]
REF     draft-ietf-uta-tls-bcp	PUB
M. Badra, A. Luchuk, J. Schoenwaelder
"Using the NETCONF Protocol over Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Mutual X.509 Authentication"
Bytes: 21841
Working Group: Network Configuration

2015-04-27     draft-ietf-uta-xmpp-07.txt  [C226]
REF     draft-ietf-uta-tls-bcp	PUB
P. Saint-Andre, T. Alkemade
"Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)"
Bytes: 19422
Working Group: Using TLS in Applications

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