AUTH48 status of draft-ietf-sidrops-https-tal-08 (RFC-to-be 8630)

This document is in AUTH48 state as of 2019-06-11. It has not yet been published as an RFC. The RFC Editor is awaiting approvals from the author(s) as shown below (and anyone else listed) before continuing the publication process.

Name Approved? Date of Approval
G. Huston Y 2019-07-05
S. Weiler Y 2019-06-24
G. Michaelson Y 2019-07-05
S. Kent N  
T. Bruijnzeels Y 2019-07-05
AD: Warren Kumari Y 2019-07-17


2019-06-11: questions sent to authors. 2019-06-24: Approval from Sam Weiler received (but with a note that he would try to review the final version again once we process it). Noting that we have not yet received the updates from Tim Bruijnzeels; asked Sam to let us know if he objects to any subsequent updates implemented later on. 2019-06-27: Requested AD approval re. adding RFC 3986 to the list of Normative References. 2019-06-27: AD approval received. 2019-07-17: Requested AD approval re. removal of a bullet item in Section 4 (making sure it's not "beyond editorial"). 2019-07-17: AD approval received.

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