AUTH48 status of draft-ietf-anima-voucher-07 (RFC-to-be 8366)

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K. Watsen N  
M. Richardson Y 2018-04-26
M. Pritikin Y 2018-04-10
T. Eckert N  
ADs - T. Manderson (Responsible AD) N  


2018-03-29: questions sent to authors 2018-03-29: reply received 2018-04-02: requested AD review for Security Considerations section 2018-04-05: updated text with new Security Considerations section (7.4); also asked authors to review suggested updates based on using the pyang formatter for the YANG module 2018-04-19: asked authors to ack formatting changes to YANG module suggested by Martin Bjorklund. 2018-04-19: Micahel notified us that the authors are discussing a potential change with Martin Bjorklund. Also, Kent may send an update for the title. Moved this doc back to AUTH48 and cleared Michael's approval. 2018-04-26: Asked AD for additional approval.

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