About the Current Queue (sortable view)

The default sort order of the Current Queue (sortable view) is a common sequence of the states (EDIT, RFC-EDITOR, AUTH48, etc.) then by weeks in queue. Click on a column name to sort by that column; click it again to reverse the order.

The column names are as follows:

  • Curr state = The current state of the document. For definitions of the state names, please see Definitions of Queue States.
  • Weeks in state = The number of weeks the document has been in its current state.
  • Weeks in q = The number of weeks the document has been in the RFC Editor queue, i.e., the number of weeks since the stream manager approved the document for publication as an RFC.
  • Draft name = The draft string. It is a link to the document's entry on the queue page.
  • Cluster = The cluster identifier, if the document is part of a cluster. It is a link to the relevant cluster page.
  • Pages = The number of pages the document has.
  • Submitted = The date that the document entered the RFC Editor queue.

To see the count of documents in each state, see Summary Statistics on Current Queue (updated weekly).

For more information, please see the Publication Process and RFC Editor Process Flow Chart.

Last updated: 2012/03/20